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 Coosa Valley Communications located at 10 Bale St. Rome, Georgia has been a Motorola Professional and Commercial two-way radio dealer since 1976.  As years have passed Coosa Valley has grown into a premier Public Safety/Emergency Light Up-fitting provider carrying professional grade lines by: Whelen Engineering, Brooking Industries, Feniex Industries, Sho-Me Able 2, Go Rhino Public Safety and Go Rhino Division, Magnetic Mic, Troy Products these are brands that we trust to provide years of everyday service. In the early 2000's, We saw a rise in customers who needed a GPS tracking  service. We provide this service as a Dealer for EZ Fleet Tracking these offerings provide a economical way of keeping up with billing, maintenance, as well as your employees and loved ones. Coosa Valley Communications will continue in the future to expand its product offerings to meet the high demand for the customers we provide services to.

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